Manifest Your Soulmate


Valentine’s Day ~ the day of love and romance has just passed by.

It’s not a grand day though if you are single and feeling depressed about your single status.

If you are single, then take heart. You’re not forgotten.

Today, by the way is Single Awareness Day – a day meant to celebrate all singletons with the key message that it’s okay to be single and there are numerous benefits to enjoying a single lifestyle.

But many singletons reach a point where they’re done with being lonely and they yearn to establish a deep and romantic connection.

They yearn to meet their Soulmate.

I’ve always found the concept of having a Soulmate rather intriguing – so I
chatted to Merle Cutten Westcott – a Life Alignment practitioner and asked her all about Soulmates and How to Manifest a Soulmate Relationship….

Merle, what is your definition of a soulmate?
That person who you connect with immediately. Usually a connection that you have never experienced before. Often a deep love connection, and it may be the kind of connection where within weeks you know that you will be with this person forever.
Who is a soulmate?
Soulmates can be your husband, lover or even friend. Sometimes you connect with a person on such a deep level that you can share everything with them. They are like a sister or mother to you, but there is no romantic connection. When we talk about manifesting a soulmate relationship we need to be very clear: are you looking for a life partner or friend?
How does one recognize their soulmate?
Not only will you feel an immediate attraction to the person, but over time the attraction will turn to love. The relationship needs to be one that allows you to be yourself and to grow. Often people think they have found their soulmate but in fact the relationship turns out to be toxic. You have to continually ask: is this serving me? In a soulmate relationship you support each other and allow each other to shine. A relationship where one person is jealous and holds the other back is not that of a soul mate.
I’ve heard of Twin Flames. Can you elaborate on this and is there a difference between Soulmates and Twin Flames?
A twin flame is our mirror, not our spiritual soulmate. So the relationships are often stormy. This doesn’t mean that they don’t work, the key here is that both the parties have to have learnt to love themselves, or they bring all their baggage into the relationship.
Why do people generally struggle to meet their soulmates and what blocks them from enjoying fulfilling romantic relationships?
The fact that we carry baggage, or cellular memory from every experience we have ever had, as well as memory from our parents and grandparents, means that we have blockages in our energetic field. Sometimes these prevent us from meeting the right person. And then if we do they often stop us from enjoying a fulfilling relationship, releasing these blockages opens us up to finding true love.
Is meeting one’s Soulmate the guarantee of a happy-ever-after love story?
Not at all. All relationships require work and commitment. If you are carrying past hurt that manifests in awful behavior no relationship will survive.
If one wishes to manifest a Soulmate relationship – what action should they take?
Working on yourself is a good way to manifest a Soulmate relationship. In Life Alignment we would work according to your higher self and release the blockages in your cellular memory, this impacts on how you function in the world. If you think of yourself as a pool of clear water and all the experiences you have ever had as the mud in the pool, then every time we do a balance we remove mud until the pool is clear again. As children we absorb the emotions of everyone around us, so for example children from divorced families, will often not manifest a relationship as the cellular memory tells them all relationships fail. If we release that memory from the cell, they still remember the details, we never erase that, but they are able to move on without the expectation that all relationships fail.
Your final words of advice to anyone who wants to attract a soulmate relationship?
Love yourself, and have a clear picture in your mind of what you want from a relationship. You can then attract the right kind of relationship. If you want a home and kids, no point in visualizing life on a yacht with a handsome sailor. I always tell my students and clients that, “Where thought goes energy flows.”
Thanks so much, Merle! I look forward to hosting you again to chat more about Life Alignment and how it can help people manifest their dream lives.



Since 1996, Merle has been practicing and teaching a complementary therapy called Life Alignment. Because of her Life Alignment practice, Merle developed a keen interest in nutrition and is a professional Banting Coach and co-author of the Low Carb Creed.
To connect with Merleemail
Have you been lucky enough to find your Soulmate? Or are you now inspired to attract a Soulmate relationship? I would love to hear from you…drop your comments below!


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