Angel of Ice Preview


I can’t believe it – my debut novel ANGEL OF ICE is due to release tomorrow 15th December!!



I am so excited for you to read it finally.

Angel of Ice is a romantic suspense. It’s the perfect combination of hot romance and an intriguing mystery. Added to that, if you love charming small-town romances then you will definitely enjoy Angel of Ice. The novel is set in the close-knit town of Edenville.

It features a gorgeous PI Nick Holt and a beautiful and feisty florist Laura Fenwick.

Sparks fly when Laura begins to meddle in a murder case that Nick has been hired to investigate.


Here is the opening scene from Angel of Ice:-

 Cindy Capwell was certain she was being watched. Her cornflower-blue eyes scanned the park but she couldn’t see anyone out of the ordinary. It was the familiar sea of faces. The residents of Edenville.

She picked up her half-eaten turkey sandwich and then put it back down on her lap. Her stomach felt queasy and she suddenly found it difficult to breath. She wondered if she were having a panic attack of some sort.

It had seemed like a good idea to have lunch outdoors in the fresh air and under the winter sun. But now she felt alone and vulnerable. An icy trickle of apprehension slid down her spine. She just couldn’t shrug off the feeling of being watched. She may have laughed it off and put it down to an active imagination, if she hadn’t begun receiving the sinister gifts over the last two weeks.

First, just a single red rose left on her front doorstep. Followed by a framed photo of herself. The photo had been taken at her friend Laura Fenwick’s birthday party a month ago. And then a red scarf scented with her favorite perfume. The most disturbing gift had appeared on her doorstep that morning. A lock of blond hair in a tiny silver locket. Cindy was sure it was her hair. She’d visited the salon the day before for a haircut. It meant that, whoever was stalking her, had been at the salon and had somehow grabbed a lock of her hair.

But the salon had been full of ladies engrossed in the latest gossip.

So who was stalking her? Was it her ex-husband Mark? He had a fierce temper and Cindy had borne the brunt of that temper over the course of their marriage. And Mark was a notorious gambler. Cindy had spent thousands of dollars paying off his gambling debts and loan sharks. But Mark was a direct in-your-face type of guy. He didn’t have the patience for playing snide games. No. It wasn’t Mark. Cindy’s instinct told her it was someone else. A stranger, perhaps. Or maybe someone she knew.

Cindy thought about her friend Laura, who was strong, smart, and one of the most compassionate people she knew. Laura was also the goddaughter of Edenville’s Sheriff. Cindy decided she would speak to Laura about her fears. Laura could accompany her to see Sheriff Swinton and he could look into the matter. Maybe even arrange for some protection for her. Cindy knew she was treading on a very thin rope. She couldn’t handle things on her own. She had to confide in Laura and the sheriff before things spiralled totally out of control.

Cindy tossed the sandwich into a bin and began walking toward the Town Square. She took in deep breaths, willing her erratic heartbeat to slow. Edenville’s annual Christmas Tree Lighting was taking place at The Square the following night, and Cindy was due to unveil a nativity scene she’d sculpted out of ice. As much as she loved ice sculpting, she now regretted ever taking on the task which felt like an uncomfortable load on her already heavy shoulders. She had to complete the sculpture of the baby Jesus in the manger before tomorrow night. She was glad her sister Caroline was visiting from New York. Caroline had helped her sculpt some of the pieces in the nativity scene. But mostly Caroline was looking after Cindy’s busy bakery, Sugar & Spice.

Cindy looked ahead and cursed when she saw Jack Davison, an arrogant business tycoon, whom she’d outbid on Westerdale, a prime piece of property on the outskirts of town. Davison, known to be a ruthless businessman, was livid when she outbid him three months ago, and since then he’d been constantly harassing her into selling him the property. He had plans to open up a chemical factory on the land while Cindy envisioned setting up a spa and wellness centre.

Westerdale was beautiful scenic land and she couldn’t imagine it being turned into a toxic factory. Which was why she’d been holding out firm against Davison. She was not going to allow him to bully her into selling him that land. And she was determined to move ahead with her plans for the wellness centre.

Cindy veered off a different path to escape Davison’s attention. She was not in the mood for another face-off with the overbearing man, but it seemed she was out of luck for her other nemesis, Tina Avery, was directly in her path.

Cindy’s heart thudded as she came face-to-face with Tina, owner of Something Sweet. The woman had once reigned as Edenville’s queen of cakes until Sugar & Spice began eating away at her clientele.

Tina fixed her with a furious glare. “The Morrison’s always ordered their Christmas cakes from me. But this year, they’re choosing your cakes over mine!”

A sheen of perspiration dotted Cindy’s brow. “I had no idea they used to deal with you. They just placed their orders and—”

“Well, you will cancel their orders and tell them you’re no longer in business!” Tina boomed, her double chin wobbling furiously. She wagged a plump finger at Cindy. “I said this to you before and I’ll say it again: Edenville ain’t big enough for two bakeries. I’ve been here for close onto thirty years and before that, my grandmama for over fifty years. Something Sweet is part of this town’s history and I’m not going to lose my family legacy over the likes of you.”

Cindy gasped, the blood draining from her face. “You want me to close down my bakery?”

Tina’s mouth curved into a triumphant smile. “That’s exactly what I’m saying.” She rolled her eyes. “Finally the fancy blonde from New York is listening to me,” she muttered under her breath before dawdling away.

Cindy sank onto a bench to catch her breath. Her legs had turned to water and her body was limp as a rag doll. She froze at the sound of rustling in a nearby bush. Again. That overpowering feeling of being watched. Terrified, Cindy realized she was prey for an unseen predator.

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